Banking KIOSK solution

KeyBS is providing KIOSK full solution for bank sector which can help Banks to:

Provided Services:

  •   Automated Remittance.
  •   Card Issuance “Credit, Debit, Prepaid Card”.
  •   Cheque book issuance.
  •   Cash deposit.
  •   Utility bill payment.
  •   Telecom payment.
  •   Information about product and projects.
  •   Credit Card Payment.
  •   Apply for loan.
  •   Payment order.
  •   Account transfer.
  •   Early/late repayment .
  •   Retrieve and print account statement.
  •   KYC Processing.
  •   Request for bank services “ Loans, Mortgage, Credit Card …etc”.
  •   Document Submission.
  •   Talking to bank agent “ Video, Voice or Online chatting”.
  •   Checking account information and request status.
  •   Cash Withdrawal.

Hardware Software Integration